The Making of a Video Resume


Video resumes are certainly not traditional, but they are becoming more and more common. While video resumes are best for more creative careers such as acting, marketing, or even public relations, they can have a role to play in other job applications. Before you get the camera rolling, though, make sure you have scripted your plan.

Just because it’s a video, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be professional.

If you are going to do a video resume, it should be just as professional as a traditional written resume. Plan and rehearse your script ahead of time. Don’t giggle, let the camera wiggle, or dress inappropriately. Make sure the background setting is professional. Think of your video resume as a one-sided job interview — you wouldn’t giggle or wear shorts to an interview, so don’t do it in your video resume.

Make the reason for using a video resume clear.

Think about why you are using a video resume. Is it just because you dislike writing? If so, that’s not meeting the criteria. A video resume should be used to showcase creativity, your thinking skills, and your personality. It’s an opportunity to showcase who you are in an interview setting before you get an interview. Don’t use it as a crutch.

Follow up.

Some employers may see a video resume as an excuse not to write a traditional resume. You don’t want employers to get an immediate bad impression, so consider following up your video resume with excellent written communication. This should include a clear, grammatically-correct cover letter, and (yes, you should still have one) written resume. This will prove that you are not afraid to write and will show initiative and follow through on your promise in your video.

Keep it short.

Avoid divulging personal details or showing off hobbies unless they directly relate to the position for which you are applying. Human resources companies, such as Solvo Global, don’t privilege that kind of information.  Above all, keep it short. One to two minutes is a good length. Show your resume to friends and ask them to gauge the length. Or imagine yourself as a busy executive trolling through resumes. If you found your mind wandering, the video is too long.

Check your formats.

YouTube isn’t the only venue for posting a video resume. Consider investing in inexpensive thumb drives with your video on them to send with your formal application for a position. You can even add your name to the thumb drive to further brand and market yourself. Make sure that you choose formatting for your video that will be compatible with a variety of systems. If your video won’t play, you won’t get a response.

Video resumes can be a great idea when they are well planned, professional, and convey the right message. Use a video resume as another way to present yourself as a well-rounded, talented candidate and you are bound to be noticed.


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