Simple public speaking tips


Everyone can use some public speaking tips to make their speeches, motivational speeches, and presentations better. Sometimes we just seem to go blank when it comes to public speaking. We get lost and don’t know how to find our way back. This is why here at, we have gathered some public speaking tips to help you. Let’s just go over two of these tips for now.


The first tip is on gestures. Many people seem to be self-conscious about their hand gestures. The best advice for this problem is to just be yourself. Relax and do what you would normally do when having a conversation. Most likely, your natural gestures are enough and you’re just being overly cautious. One thing to avoid however, is becoming gesture-oriented and losing focus of your words. Always remember that your words are more important than your gestures.


The second of the two public speaking tips is on handling questions. Sometimes you might have people in the audience who like to abruptly raise questions and interrupt your speech or presentation. There are a few ways to combat this. One, before you begin to speak, you can ask the audience to raise their hands if they have a question or hold all questions until the end. Two, you can admit that you don’t know the answer to their question, but you’ll find out. And three, you can just ask the questioner to come to you later during a break. Most audiences will be polite and listen to you without interrupting, but occasionally you get people who just seem to have a question about everything and it can become annoying and stressful. Have a course of action planned for these situations and don’t be caught off guard.


Public speaking has its share of challenges, but with a few public speaking tips, you can overcome those challenges and become a great presenter. 

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