Leadership Mentoring


Could you or your business be more effective if there were leaders supporting your initiatives?

There are very few businesses or companies that have an abundance of leaders.  Most businesses are filled with managers that are interested in doing it right (follower) rather than doing the right thing (leader).  Far too often people are promoted for their excellence in their particular field.  Example: Outstanding sales people get promoted to sales management position and whilst they are brilliant at sales rarely do they have the skills that make them good people leaders.  Another example is technical people promoted to team leaders for their excellent technical skills. Managers can actually be a contributing factor to low performance. I have worked in and with businesses where this is a major factor of poor productivity or no where near a level that could be considered in the realm of excellence.  A major factor was that there were plenty of managers with few leaders. Staff mirrors managers (role models), and outstanding leaders produce excellent staff.

Leaders can create natural drive versus simple motivation.  Motivation requires consistent focus and attention which in turn impacts their ability to focus on what is most required from the manager.  It creates sporadic performance by staff and results in reduced productivity that impacts the bottom line. When you have leaders in an organisation less time is required to manage staff.  Leaders can empower staff members which creates new and uncharted possibilities for the business. A motivational speech also can be very helpful.

As a leader your job becomes easier to do.  So many managers I have worked with did not believe this was possible but once the shift was made realised their true potential to become a star performer. If you’re looking for hiring a motivational speaker but don’t know any, you can find great options online, such as Richard Jadick, and check their work before making your decision.

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