Imprinted Polyester Lanyards


When it comes to self-promotion, custom lanyards top all other items. These cheap, durable key, mp3, badge and cellphone holders are useful enough to stick around for a long while, and when emblazoned with a company logo or custom printed text, they serve as perfect, subtle advertisements for any company that hands them out. Imprinted polyester lanyards have a number of features that make them perfect for any nonprofit event or business gathering, and are often used by top international firms to cheaply spread their current image or establish new business presence as they disseminate product information.

The Advantages of Imprinted Polyester

Polyester is highly durable, and the thin woven straps used in lanyards are accordingly strong. Practically impossible to tear under the stress of normal forces, these strap lanyards serve as perfect holders for those accessories that are impossible to survive without. They come in varying widths, depending only on user preference, from 1/2″ to 1″ and are typically long enough to be worn comfortably about the neck and have the end hang somewhere around the lower chest. One of the great benefits of polyester lanyards is that they can come with a clip attachment that lets their wearer remove the device, badge or other object at the end without having to take the lanyard off or remove the keyring. This allows for easy, hassle-free use of flash drives and key cards, and some lanyard options even include a safety breakaway, making them safe for children and the elderly as well.

Polyester lanyards can be printed in any colors, and their hooks can come in many form to accommodate holding a variety of objects. The experts that create custom lanyards are able to take your digital company artwork and brief accompanying text and replicate it down to the last dot, ensuring that your lanyards bear a permanent, non-fading image through years of heavy use, intense UV-rays and laundering. As advertising goes, imprinted polyester lanyards that don’t get in people’s faces but always stay close at hand are perfect ways to get a message across. If you want to know more and acquire perfect quality lanyards, visit Southern Girls Gifts.

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