How can an investor earn guaranteed investment fund


The investments are known for their fluctuations in the market which makes the people who are investing their money on investments lose their trust due to the losses they have suffered. Each investment  is the amount which the company requires to increase its capital. When a company is in its initial stage or required money to open a new branch then the company calls for investments from the public on which the company is liable to pay returns which is agreed by both the parties on a contract. It happens when the company requires funds to meet the emerging needs of the company and to solve the problems they go to the public and ask for their investments.


A company actually takes a loan from the public and gives them that percentage of share in the company depending on the number of shares purchased by the company. Some shares give fluctuating dividends and some give guaranteed returns. The amount and percentage of returns should be made and told to the Shareholder. The shareholder will be given authority on the decision making process and they are the people who will bear the losses as well. So investment in a company by purchasing their shares is very risky so the investors always wanted a guaranteed investment fund where the risks are minimum. It’s great to always have a professional input before making a big step in the investments field. If you can, contact Erlybird to assist you.


The guaranteed investment fund means that the investor will get guaranteed funds no matter what happens to the company and economy.

The problem of investors had increased as they were the people who invested their money on investments and they were the people who were meant to bear the losses. Every investment turned risky and in the end they were the people who suffered. This problem had grown in several economies all around the world that there was deep research going on to save the investors rights and their income. The problems were so much increased that the country as a whole had started to suffer losses and then these things were given a lot of emphasis. The economists were requested to find out a way to save the earnings of the investors as many companies have shown losses and the problem had so much increased that the government even had to suffer. Then the jewelries were considered as a good form of investment where the investors were ready to invest huge amounts but they were not much durable for the long run. The jewelries made of stones and precious metals proved to be effective in the beginning but their value degraded as they lost their shine and color. So the answer to the guaranteed investment fund was still not found.


The guaranteed investment fund was the only answer to the problem of the diminishing value of the investments.Then diamond was realised as an asset which can be used to help investors earn guaranteed investment funds. Diamond is a stone which is produced naturally inside the earth with a combination of carbon atoms for thousands of years under the earth’s pressure. Every stone which is naturally made inside the earth has its own unique hardness which is not lost due to time or due to any type of pollutants affecting the surrounding of the diamond. The stone is so unique as it remains the same for hundreds of years. This the reason why they say a diamond lasts forever and it is true. So a diamond can be purchased by the investor and can also be sold very easily in the market whenever the investor feels that the difference in his purchase price of diamond and the price in which the diamond is sold is profitable. Thus the answer to the guaranteed investment fund was solved by diamond investment.

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