Ten Things to Do to Reduce Information Security Threats

Hackers are always hovering, looking for a way to gain access to restricted data. Follow sensible steps to safeguard your information. Just as it was in the past when ordinary people had to deal with highwaymen and bandits on the roads, internet users have to deal with the new breed of bandits on the information […]

What is Parental Control Software?

Can Internet Filtering Programs Help Parents Protect Their Children? Knowing what kids do when they are online can be hard & parents can’t stand and watch everything they do. The parental control software may be a solution worth considering. Kids spend a lot of time online nowadays. They may use the Internet to play games, […]

How to Protect Yourself From On-Line Crime

One of the most popular pastimes when using a home computer is the use of the internet. It’s a great place for research, news, buying and selling and keeping in touch. The internet is a great place for research, news, buying and selling and keeping in touch whether it’s by email or internet chat-rooms, etc. […]


Information Security Software and Information Security Programs

Information security software primarily lays focus on two important security software: Computer network security software and database security software. Information security software is a term that is associated with two different software components viz computer network security software and computer database security software. Designing information security software involves a series of processes that include: security risk analysis information […]